What is the best way to design an office interior?

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What is the best way to design an office interior?

What is the best way to design an office interior?

Office or corporate setting is a crucial area which requires thorough thought process in terms in designing its interiors. Here are few interesting guidelines which one can consider while revamping their office interiors. The first thing that catches an employee’s eye is the office setting. So ensure that you have minimal yet productive furniture spread across.

  • Invest in right kind of furniture. Don’t spend unnecessarily in well-cushioned chairs or sofas. The idea is to have furniture that serve the purpose and are comfortable for long working hours.
  • Give emphasis on the lighting aspects. Keep the working space with sufficient light. However control excess or bright light by putting curtains or window screens.
  • Play it safe when choosing colours for the walls. While bright colours are fun, subtle ones maintain a formal look. Try to blend in light and dark colour combinations. For example, you can keep one part of a wall in bold colour while having soft colours for the rest.
  • Built-in cabinets are good idea, since it saves spaces and utilises walls well. If you have sombre wall colours, put bold coloured cupboards or shelves.
  • Even if you have a small area, try to allot a separate space for holding meeting or brainstorming sessions by putting in easy seating décor, small table, writing board, etc.
  • Don’t go overboard in infusing too many creative elements or striking pictures. It may be distracting. Adding a piece or two against a dull background is advisable.
  • Keep everything well organised, clean and tidy. Ensure that nothing comes within the walking spaces. See that switch boards are within one’s reach. Place dustbins are accessible points. Design workstations that include useful items like pen stands, file baskets, paper weights, etc.
  • Try to utilise the areas under stairs or overboard shelves in proper and practical manner. You have the choice to fit in cupboard below the staircase space. Or place a notice board or clock under the cabinets.
  • Make good use of the walls by adding motivational quotes, inspiring pictures or fun sayings.
  • Bring in relief by placing potted plants in corners. It will look beautiful if you have ornamental plants kept on working desks.
  • Last but not the least… If you are interested to add some unique element, then go for having a small aquarium within your office spaces. It will not only add colours to the atmosphere but also prove to be a stress-buster.

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