Space planning & Consultation.

Space Planning is the process of organizing furniture and office functions to work effectively together while using space efficiently. Consider the workgroup function the building codes and regulations, lighting, teaming requirements, inter-communication, and storage to make the best use of available space. Other factors, such as the use of technology – computer, monitors, printers, telephone etc., have to be built into the plan for each office workspace.

We provide innovative solutions to help you make the most out of your space. Whether you wish to increase productivity, accommodate more staff or simply create a more comfortable working environment, we can design a re-configuration plan to help optimize your workspace.

We also help to implement alternative working systems, such as office zoning, hot-desking, touchdown areas and breakout zones, to ensure that your space is used to its maximum efficiency, whilst helping to promote interaction and communication to help make your business more efficient.

We recommend that our clients engage with us at the planning stage, so that we are able to ensure they are making the right construction interior design choices in relation to how the property or space will eventually be used and styled. Early involvement can prevent mistakes.

Questions to ask before creating your own Space Plan
What are you going to be using the space for? Will it be multi-functional
Office Space planning & Consultation ServicesHow many people will be using the space and will they all be using it for the same purpose?
Office Space planning dubaiDo you have any existing furniture that you want to use in the space?
Office Space planning uae>Can furniture be moved into or out of this room from other areas ?<br>

<img src=How do you want the room to feel, space-wise – open and airy, cozy, minimal, serene?
Office Space  Services dubaiHow much natural light is available and what kinds of lighting will be needed?
Office Space interior Consultation dubaiWhat are the focal points of the room and how can you take advantage of them?
Office Space dubaiDo you need to create focal points?
Office Space interior designDo you like balance and symmetry, the unexpected, or a combination?
Is there anything else on your wish list for this room?

These questions will highlight the problems that your space plan needs to solve. Our qualified interior design specialists work closely with our architectural and building services teams. Together they produce holistic design themes that work beautifully for either new-build projects or refurbishments. At every stage we are keen to consult with stakeholders and end users. We seek their opinion on samples of furniture, lighting, finishes, fabrics, colours, and accessories. Our inclusive approach means that we consider the special needs of users from the outset.